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Advanced HTML/CSS

Understanding usability, accessibility, and design theory could be considered advanced HTML but there is so much more to it and so many different directions it can lead. The definition becomes impossible depending on the user you ask. One would argue could you ever fully know all of it but do not let it become perplexing. It is best to master your favorite areas while maintaining awareness of the other areas that exist.

Maybe you are a CSS guru or maybe if given enough time you have the advanced programming skills to revolutionize the way websites are coded. Either way, listed below are some of the topics in our advanced HTML/CSS training session.

Advanced HTML/CSS Training

Javascript, PHP, fluid transitions in CSS

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We are having a raffle at our training center on January 1st 2018 at 6:30pm. By bringing someone that is interested in hearing about the various courses we offer, you can win a $25 gift card as a random participant after the presentation. We want everyone to come out and join us, enrich yourselves by learning how to professionally use major computer programs.

Please contact us at 770-742-3737 for more information or review the rest of this website to learn more about this great learning opportunities.

Web Development

  1. HTML/CSS/Javascript & PHP

How does learning to code websites benefit me? First, it will give you an enormous sense of pride when a well-designed thought out project that you coded is completed. Second, there is a high demand for website coding so it does provide job stability. Third, the pay is very good no matter your location and it is a job that can be done working from home. Finally, you can take pride in your work and know that thousands or millions of people could be seeing your work on a daily basis.

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