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Introduction to Network Security

Network security is of vital importance right now. Every moment you spend not realizing the importance of it you put you and your company at risk. To understand where it all begins you must understand the layers of the network and how they interact and pass information to one another.

If you grasp a good understanding of all the layers required then you can build your knowledge base of where security layers can be implemented to keep data secure. In this training session you will learn information that will put you on the path to success.

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We are having a raffle at our training center on January 1st 2018 at 6:30pm. By bringing someone that is interested in hearing about the various courses we offer, you can win a $25 gift card as a random participant after the presentation. We want everyone to come out and join us, enrich yourselves by learning how to professionally use major computer programs.

Please contact us at 770-742-3737 for more information or review the rest of this website to learn more about this great learning opportunities.

Introduction to Network Security

  1. Network Protocol
  2. TCP/IP Protocol
  3. OSI model
  4. DNS Protocol
  5. ICMP Protocol
  6. Goals of Network Security
  7. In depth look at the layers
  8. Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting -- AAA
  9. Access Control -- ACL
  10. Necessity of Network Security

Why networking? Think for a moment about devices in your everyday life. How you always expect them to work when you go to use them and what happens if they don’t? Networking is the backbone that allows for the wide use of technology that exists today. It is why your computer or laptop connects to the internet or your cell phone hits the browser page. Daily, networking affects your life.

How does it do this you ask? That answer is far more complex but there are basic rules and guidelines that are followed to get you on your way to understanding all these interactions. In networking, routers are combined to increase concurrency and redundancy in external network access and fault tolerance of Wide Area Networks. Data packets sent from devices are multiplexed between the routers using a variation on the standard SYN packet (synchronization protocol) and other components. Data packets are multiplexed between the routers using standard address resolution protocol (ARP) and other components. Data packets are transmitted concurrently over different lines between two computer networks.

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