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The Basics of Word, Excel, and Powerpoint in Office 2016

Looking for a way to open your career possibilities? Maybe you just need to make things easier at the current job you hold. Knowledge of Microsoft office is an essential tool for anyone working. In just a few hours taking our training course and we can have you up to speed on all the basic programs in office.

Sometimes the only person holding you back is you and not knowing the basics on these programs is surely holding you back. Our training class offers the basics to each program that will be covered in each application.

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We are having a raffle at our training center on January 1st 2018 at 6:30pm. By bringing someone that is interested in hearing about the various courses we offer, you can win a $25 gift card as a random participant after the presentation. We want everyone to come out and join us, enrich yourselves by learning how to professionally use major computer programs.

Please contact us at 770-742-3737 for more information or review the rest of this website to learn more about this great learning opportunities.

MS Excel

  1. How do I start a workbook in excel?
  2. Find out about groups and commands
  3. The file menu
  4. The benefits of quick access
  5. Entering data
  6. How do I format?
  7. Basic addition of formulas
  8. Changing rows and columns
  9. Worksheet editing
  10. How you can finalize your worksheet
  11. Smart Lookup and tell me

MS PowerPoint

  1. Starting with PowerPoint
  2. Explore the Ribbon
  3. How to make things more accessible
  4. Opening presentations
  5. Slides and how to format them
  6. Adding images
  7. Tables and Charts
  8. Possible features of a finished presentation
  9. The tell me feature

MS Word

  1. Making a Word Document
  2. What is the ribbon?
  3. The Backstage view or file menu and templates
  4. Quick Access toolbar and how it can help you?
  5. Basic Formatting of your document
  6. Let’s edit your document
  7. Grammar Errors and how to correct them
  8. New in 2016 Smart Lookup and Tell me

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