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Beginner HTML/CSS

Where do you begin in HTML/CSS? Understanding the language is a very good place to start. Nothing works well if you can’t understand the language nor can you build on the foundation of something that you cannot comprehend. You will find HTML is about the structure of your webpage and CSS is the presentation of it.

The training we offer is a good place to start your journey of this language and could lead you on a voyage that ends in a lucrative beginning to building your skillset. We can provide you with many tools that will aid you in your journey of HTML/CSS.

Beginner HTML/CSS Training

Learning how to build a stylesheet and edit font while learning to understand how to make the coding work for you. Introducing you to the syntax of CSS and HTML and learning how to incorporate all the knowledge into building a simple webpage.

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We are having a raffle at our training center on January 1st 2018 at 6:30pm. By bringing someone that is interested in hearing about the various courses we offer, you can win a $25 gift card as a random participant after the presentation. We want everyone to come out and join us, enrich yourselves by learning how to professionally use major computer programs.

Please contact us at 770-742-3737 for more information or review the rest of this website to learn more about this great learning opportunities.

Web Development


Is coding a website hard? Often-times, we block ourselves with questions such as these. Try learning any new language and you will find it is something that comes with practice and work. Did you start off knowing every word and its’ meaning in your native language? No, you gradually learned it and kept adding to that knowledge until it became something easy to you. Coding requires time and practice to be good at it. In the end you are learning how to produce an end product. What does that mean exactly? If you want to be a web developer you must be able to make a website, not just create one CSS stylesheet. If you write code in Java but can only construct objects, then that means you lack the all skills required to actually complete a mobile app. The point is you learn all the little nuances first so that at the end you can incorporate all the things together into what you are trying to make. If you expect to learn one or two areas and be at expert level then you set unrealistic expectations, instead be excited over the accomplishments you have achieved and build off those. Stop telling yourself you can’t and believe that you can.

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