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Intermediate HTML/CSS/JavaScript

What is intermediate level? To some it would be optimizing stylesheets, fixing browser bugs, complex layouts, and some minor javascript. Others it could mean they are well versed in accessibility and usability issues, able to write basic scripts like PHP/ASP or tweak existing 3rd party scripts. Still others would say if you can install, configure and customize 3rd party scripts such as shopping carts, CMS's, or handle blogs then you are fluent in the language.

The beauty is there are so many different avenues to venture that no one answer is correct. Learning can leave a voracious appetite and we are more than happy to fill it with our intermediate HTML/CSS/JavaScript training class.

Below are some of the areas that will be covered in our class.

Intermediate HTML/CSS/JavaScript Training

We cover backgrounds, colors, tables, forms, and adding structure to your web pages. Learn to position and display your webpages, everything comes together to make your page a perfect balance of presentation and functionality. More advanced uses of CSS in the layout and design of your page.

Bulletin Board

On April 5th 2017 we will be having a Microsoft Office 2-day beginner class for PowerPoint & Word. Contact us now and sign-up while seats are still available.

Web Development

  1. HTML/CSS/JavaScript

Don’t let coding intimidate you. If you start with small gains and move forward from them you can do this. We have to learn the basics on anything to progress to the next level just don’t expect more from yourself than where you currently are. This is where people get intimidated. You have coded several pages and linked them but now what? When dealing with websites it is always best to figure out where you want it to go before you start coding. Design your layout and figure out where you want everything to go and what forms or feedback areas you will need. If you have not properly prepared then it can overwhelm you.

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