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Microsoft Excel Intermediate Course Overview

Microsoft ® Excel 2016 Intermediate level is for students to learn the essentials for creating charts, styles and templates uses, and manage advanced worksheet formatting. Useful for managing large worksheets, data, creating models, and working with logical functions.

Course Objectives

In this training you will learn intermediate MS Excel 2016 skills

Target Student

For professionals and business owners whose job responsibilities include managing and formatting data into Excel spreadsheets for an explanation of company data.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Manage Data Part 1

Lesson 2: Manage Data Part 2

Lesson 3: Summarize and Organize Data

Lesson 4: Create Tables, Manage Table Styles and Options

Lesson 5: Filter and Sort tables

Semi-Advanced MS Excel 2016

Perform Operations with Formulas and Functions

Calculations with formulas and functions Part 1

Lesson 2: Calculations with Formulas and Functions Part 2

Lesson 3: Use Conditional Functions

Lesson 4: Use the Text Functions Part 1

Lesson 5: Use Text Functions Part 2

Lesson 6: Create Charts and Objects

Lesson 7: Format Charts Part 1

Lesson 8: Format Charts Part 2

Lesson 9: Insert and Format Objects