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PowerPoint Intermediate Course Overview

Microsoft ® PowerPoint 2016 Intermediate level is designed for students who have a foundational knowledge of PowerPoint, who desire to use the application at a higher level, with collaboration and distribution. Students should have PowerPoint beginner level skills create, edit, and deliver multimedia presentations.

Course Objectives

In this training you will learn intermediate and some advanced MS PowerPoint 2016 skills:

Target Student

For students who have a foundational understanding of Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 that includes creating, developing, and formatting multimedia presentations. Basic windows, keyboard, and mouse function use helpful for PowerPoint navigation.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Insert and Format Text

Lesson 2: Insert and Format Shapes and Text Boxes

Lesson 3: Insert and Format SmartArt Graphics

Lesson 4: Insert and Manage Media

Lesson 5: Apply Transitions and Animations

Semi-Advance PowerPoint 2016

Lesson 6: Animate Slide Content

Lesson 7: Set Timing for Transitions, Animations

Lesson 8: Manage Multiple Presentations

Lesson 9: Finalize Presentations Part 1

Lesson 10: Finalize Presentations Part 2