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Microsoft Word Beginners Course Overview

Microsoft ® Word 2016 for beginners is designed to help you create professional looking documents with ease. Its features and powerful tools makes document creation a seamless process. In this course you will learn how to create and edit simple documents; format documents, add tables and lists; use layout options and proof documents.

Course Objectives

In this training you will learn basic MS Word 2016 skills

Target Student

This training is for students who want to learn basic Word 2016 skills, such as creating, editing, and formatting documents. Students will also learn how to create simple tables, lists, and improve the appearance and accuracy of document content. Students should understand computer functions, web browser, and how to switch between programs.

Course Outline

Create and Manage Documents

Lesson 1: Getting Started: Tour MS Word 2016

Lesson 2: Create Documents

Lesson 3: Navigate Documents

Lesson 4: Format documents Part 1

Lesson 5: Format documents Part 2

Lesson 6: Customize Document Views and Options Part 1

Lesson 7: Customized Document Views and Options Part 2

Lesson 8: Print and Save Documents

Format text, Paragraphs, and Sections

Lesson 1: Insert Text and paragraphs

Lesson 2: Format Text and paragraphs Part 1

Lesson 3: Format Text and Paragraphs Part 2

Lesson 4: Order and Group Text and Paragraphs