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Microsoft Word Intermediate Course Overview

Microsoft ® Word 2016 Intermediate and semi-Advanced level is designed to help you create professional complex documents. Its features and powerful tools makes document creation a seamless process. In this course you will learn how to use templates for professional letters, automated mailing, and modify complex documents.

Course Objectives

In this training you will learn intermediate MS Word 2016 skills

Target Student

This training is for students who want to learn intermediate Word 2016 skills for formatting documents using pictures, graphics, pictures, and tables. Students will also learn how to manage references and bibliography for research accuracy and document content.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Create Tables and Lists

Lesson 2: Modify a Table

Lesson 3: Create and Modify a List

Lesson 4: Insert and format Graphic Elements

Lesson 5: Format Graphic Elements Part 1

Lesson 6: Format Graphic Elements Part 2

Lesson 7: Insert and format SmartArt Graphics

Semi-Advance MS Word 2016

Lesson 1: Create and Manage References Part 1

Lesson 2: Create and Manage References Part 2

Lesson 3: Create and Manage Simple References and proofing the document

Lesson 4: Mail merger to create letters, envelopes, and labels